John Mayer started his own Instagram Live talk show to help combat his feelings of loneliness.

The singer-songwriter launched Current Mood with John Mayer, a 45 minute programme featuring music, guests, and jokes, which he records live on Instagram, last year (18).

Explaining why he dreamed up the programme, the musician said in a video announcing a second season: "The show started as a way to fight my own loneliness, and maybe help some other people fight theirs."

He films the talk show on an iPhone in his living room, with previous guests including Charlie Puth, Halsey, and actress Cazzie David. Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen appeared in Sunday's (27Jan19) season two premiere.

The programme has also provided an outlet for John to joke about his colourful love life, and his string of relationships with celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Aniston, and Katy Perry.

When he debuted the programme back in September, the musician said: "Part of me wanting to do this show is to bring people back to a more human tradition of hearing someone talk, believing what they're saying, being put at ease, made to feel okay. So set aside some time to be truthful and kind. The world around you is beautiful. The world that is downloaded from the big mother brain in the sky as contributed by millions of people... that's tiring. We all have to live in there, but let's live outside the Matrix as well."

Current Mood is not his first foray into chat show stardom, as in 2015 he guest hosted three episodes of The Late Late Show with James Corden, notably giving Ed Sheeran a tattoo and receiving one from the British singer in return.